Seven Sunday Films is a full service film production company;
headquartered in Jakarta, our offices
span across Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and Chicago.

We are devoted to creating innovative and inspiring films.

We are a passionate and driven team from a melting pot of backgrounds
and cultures. We strive to raise standards, inject quality and lead
in a cutting-edge fashion.

We live on the philosophy of balance and that ethos is carried through
in our productions, where work and play are fierce, where tight productions
are coupled with sleek client service, where professional systems
are joined with intelligent management ideas.

We specialize in taking great ideas and turning them into reality,
where the ideas themselves can expand, influence and reach a natural
momentum that results in a beautiful piece of film.

We do our best work with clients that have ambitious mandates
and share our values and sensibilities:
humility, respect, courage and the desire to be the best we possibly can.

Take a journey with us and discover why everyday
can be a relaxing Sunday when we're at the helm of your projects.