Andrew is known as a director with a talent for crafting stories with unusually strong and memorable images, where performance, visual texture, precisely framed action and art direction merge to create a spectacularly dimensional commercial experience. His careful and prudent use of light, tone, and composition speak of a true appreciation of cinema and the importance of creative concept and intention.

Andrew began his career with a degree in Architecture, and while at school worked as a live action art director and learnt the basics of computer animation. Drawn in by the lure of postproduction he spent four years as a digital artist at Industrial Light and Magic working on everything from “Star Wars” to “Men in Black”. Returning to LA as a feature effects supervisor and 2nd unit feature director Andrew worked with industry luminaries such as David Fincher, John Frankenheimer, Ang Lee, and Mike Nichols. During this time he wrote and directed a series of effects-oriented films, and It didn't take him long to pick up a shortlist at Cannes in 'Boards Magazine's Best New Director Review and inclusion into Shoot Magazine's New Director Showcase at the Clios. His "Moving Cities" for VW took home a Gold Medal in Execution from the Art Director's Club, and his spots have been highlighted in Luerzers Archive, Shoot Magazine, 'Boards, Adweek, and many other international creative reviews.

In a world where anything is possible in post Andrew’s live-action and world-class effects experience allow him to supervise every aspect of the job and effectively communicate with every member of the shooting, post, and agency production team in a simple and clear manner. His experience in the subtleties  of conceptual storytelling and highly technical post effects make him a real asset to many types of production challenges.

Latest Work