Blake Farber

Feature Project




Blake Farber is a writer-director based in New York City. Who isn’t in one place for very long. Known for his work around the globe, Blake is always on a plane heading towards a new adventure. The son of not one but two fine art photographers, Blake began his own career in film at a remarkably young age. Living on his own in the East Village of Manhattan since he was a teen, Blake quickly began work in the field of music videos, culminating with his direction of Beyonce’s “Countdown”. Transitioning rapidly into the commercial world, Blake helmed campaigns in over 30 countries for top international brands such as Nike, Pepsi, Toyota, Apple, Olympics, Ray-Ban and Guinness. Currently dividing his time between his homes in New York City and Sao Paulo, Brazil. Blake is currently in development of his debut feature film based on his adventures as a journeyman visual artist.