Cheong HH

Feature Project

The Grand Seat


KIA Carnival

Cheong is well-versed in the industry, having spent time across a range of departments. He began his career as an offline editor, before switching to Line Producer and 1st AD. The diversity of his background has been an invaluable experience, exposing him to many different facets of the work, and many different directors both local and international for him to learn from over the years. After snagging credentials from the Panico Film School in London, Cheong naturally transitioned into the Director’s chair.

Cheong is armed to the teeth with creativity, communication, and technical sharpness, allowing him to create unique worlds all his own. He often leans into this unique DNA, letting his ideas play out through a two prong approach: First, he’s after attention-grabbing visuals that touch on the wide range of human emotions. Second, he loves to insert a dash of humour, alongside a vigorous attention to detail.