Farouk Aljoffery

Feature Project

Blue Sapphire



While calling Farouk an institution conjures up unnecessary connotations of old age, the man is nothing short of that. He is 55, going on 40, and after a 25 year career as a director and director-mentor, he still runs rings around younger filmmakers across Asia-Pacific.

Farouk is also a visual stylist at heart. Farouk avoids comedy and schmaltzy storytelling, but really kicks into gear when it comes to directing action, fashion, automotive, beauty,and dramatic narrative. He is renowned for his edgy visuals, and for never resting on his laurels thanks to his autodidactism. His eyes glint cheekily in the light of a good idea as Farouk is constantly pushing, trying to break new ground with his imagery.

He approaches most boards with a big serving of avant garde with a side of the darkly humorous, but knows the process well enough to accept sacrificing some of the tastier, edgier morsels to clients expectations. His inspirations include Kaye, Glazer, Fellini, Jeunet, Lynch, and Del Toro (Guillermo, not Benecio, although the latter is pretty good too).