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Bertrand Lee

Feature Project

Canon EOS 5D Mark VI Take On The Infinite



Bertrand – Canon EOS 5D Mark VI Take On The Infinite

Bertrand is adept at all genres of work, typically displaying powerful cinematic imagery and memorable characters to deliver the story. A film purist at heart, he deliberately avoids a signature visual style., preferring to take guidance from the script to determine the imagery.

The result is a diverse portfolio of work, from narrative to lifestyle to action. 

He has also kickstarted several international campaigns, most notably Prudential’s “Relationship Reconnect” and Alcon’s “Never Settle”, creating the primary work that were subsequently adapted by all their global markets.

Bertrand – Ministry of Communications and Information Life’s Seasons
Bertrand – Alcon x Germaine Yeap Never Settle
Bertrand – Merdeka Generation A Chef’s Legacy
Bertrand – Prudential Asia Relationship Reconnect – Social Experiment
Bertrand – Singapore Police Force 200 Here