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Irv Blitz

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Galaxy S7 Edge



Irv Blitz – Galaxy S7 Edge
“God is in the details”, and Blitz has handcrafted a career from them. Parsing out just the right food, objects, and characters, lighting them exquisitely, capturing them with life, and choreographing imagery that mines beauty from the familiar. No matter where he turns his cinematographer’s eye, Blitz’s film is an irresistible experience that plays detail against environmental textures, nuanced sound design, dynamic editorial rhythms, and the intrinsic music. When creating visual icons and deft campaigns that turn products into objects of desire, each of these elements is, at least for Irv Blitz, a cinematic sine qua non.

Blitz is continually mastering and evolving his visual style. Though he started off in the studio, giving soul to inanimate objects by designing the most engaging action they could take, his current commercial work often finds him on location in a chef’s kitchen, a case study house, or on a beach in late afternoon, where he can discover products with visual spontaneity in more familiar realities. Blitz applies his imagination to exciting, photographic imagery resulting in commercial campaigns that reflect his mercurial esthetic. Irv Blitz graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with a BS in Professional Photography, moved to New York, and soon emerged as a commercial still-life
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