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Kubhaer Jethwani – Vaseline – Its Time To Step up

A filmmaker who works in advertising production and more recently, feature films (including ‘Mission Impossible 4 – Ghost Protocol’), Kubhaer T. Jethwani has been associated with Five Arts Centre since 2000, performing in productions such as ‘Kecoh'(2000), ‘Lebih Kecoh’ (2001), ‘Stadium’ (2002), The Actors Studio’s ‘A Man for All Seasons’ (2004) and dramalab’s ‘Otak Tak Center’ (2004). He was a member of the ARTicle 19 and Akshen youth theatre collectives, and has directed several short films, inclduding ‘Westbound’ (2007) and ‘Togel’ (2007). ‘Koobz’ was also one of Cleo Malaysia’s 50 Eligible Bachelors in 2009.

Kubhaer Jethwani – Vaseline – Inspector Handsome
Kubhaer Jethwani – Tenaga Nasional ‘CNY’
Kubhaer Jethwani – Nissan ‘The Almera Affairs – Peacock’
Kubhaer Jethwani – Lipton ‘Teh Tarik’
Kubhaer Jethwani – Hotlink ‘Mission Control’