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Yew Leong – The Budget Traveller
Yew Leong is an accomplished film director with a rich history as one of Malaysia’s top creative directors. With 25 years of experience in design and advertising he’s a director that brings invaluable creative experience and perspective to his projects.

Yew Leong likes narrative storytelling. He likes stories that touch the heart, stories that inspire, and stories that explore the human condition in powerful yet delicate ways. As a film director and a storyteller, Yew Leong believes that all stories should leave the viewer with a feeling: a feeling that will connect with the viewers, a feeling that will leave an impression on them and persuade them to like the brand, and ultimately a feeling that will help the brand to sell its product.

As a creative he began his advertising career as a designer and ended as Executive Creative Director of Leo Burnett Advertising Kuala Lumpur. At LB, he worked on The Petronas account for all of his 16 years at the office, and was responsible for the long running and hugely popular Petronas Festive television campaign. He also worked on accounts such as Colgate, Dutch Lady Milk, Toyota, BMW, Sony, Samsung, McDonalds, Shell, Petronas, Marlboro, Malaysian Airlines and Yamaha bikes.

As he was an art based creative director the visual aesthetics of a commercial were always at the forefront of his thoughts, and he believes that any art direction and cinematography should always compliment the message or the objective of the film, which is evident in his reel.

As an agency creative, Yew Leong won the only Gold Cannes for television in Malaysia for Petronas in 2008. He has a D&AD silver nomination, 2 gold Clios and a One Show silver for the same Petronas commercial, as well as hundreds of other awards at various local and international awards shows for his other campaigns. In 2009, this Petronas commercial won the 35th Annual People’s choice awards on CBS in United States. The award was bestowed after several months of online voting among five 2008 Gold Clio winning spots by the American public.

As film director he has won 2 silvers at Adfest and the Spikes for Petronas, and has worked for brands including Maxis telecommunication, Maybank Investment bank, Proton, KFC, Pizza Hut, Scotts Emulsion, Milo and Dumex
Yew Leong – TM Raya
Yew Leong – Dutch Lady
Yew Leong – Panasonic ‘Beauty’
Yew Leong – Panasonic ‘Cooking’
Yew Leong – OBH Combi