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Adi Winoto

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Djarum Supermoto Battle



Adi Winoto – Djarum Supermoto Battle

After graduating from high school in 1993, Adi kickstarted his career as a freelance illus-trator for several companies before being recruited as a 3D animator and video editor for Jatayu Cakrawala Production House from 1999 to 2004.

Adi has since advanced his skills in 2004 as a freelance film director executing some of the finest work around Indonesia through TV commercials, company portfolios, short films and music videos to name a few with prestigious brands such as Inez900, Betadine, Halo-doc, Djarum and many more.


Adi Winoto – #pengetahuanitukekuatan
Adi Winoto – BankBJB
Adi Winoto – Telekom Brunei Telbru
Adi Winoto – INEZ900 Lustrous Pressed Powder
Adi Winoto – Halodoc versi “Rasa-Tenang”