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Ray Pakpahan

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Nyobrol Yuk Indonesia



Ray Pakpahan – Oy_Nyobrol yuk indonesia

He is work well in a fast-paced environment. His mood pumps when project He is working on develop rapidly and good with multitasking. He believe when working time is important, therefore, and like to schedule everything, though, also flexible when treating deadlines. He choose to work independently, creating a system. But, he have no problem working with groups, because he is driven for successful outcome.

As a filmmaker we need to be sociable person with every different group on the set, hence brainstroming session and team meeting regurlarly is important. My energy is enhanced with a lot of positive feedback. – Ray said

He enjoy competition, it enable him to take a risk. As an enterprising filmmaker he not afraid to step out of his comfort zone. Also he confident in solving problems in a creative way. Out of the box. He tend to try different ways of working, or work on multiple aspects of a project at a time. He like to promote change and not afraid to be different.

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